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    With Britney 1st
    May '00 in Paris
    before "OOPS" press conference
  • slidebg2
    12th December '74
    with Ronnie Van Zant
    after Lynyrd Skynyrd's Rainbow show
  • slidebg2
    17th November '00
    Preparing for
    Backstreet Boys departure
    from Stockholm on the "Around The World in 100 Hours" tour.
  • slidebg2
    With Kim Wilde in Montreux '86
    - following her press conference for "CLOSE". -
  • slidebg2
    6th August '88
    with Glenn Frey
    in Australia following a show with The Little River band.
  • slidebg2
    Signing MCA Sub-Publishing
    deal with Tom Petty
    in Amsterdam 1st May '89
  • slidebg2
    With Willie Robertson (RIP),
    Phil Manzanera and Robert
    Plant in Cannes
  • slidebg2
    With Jan Hammer
    and Brian May
    at London's Planetarium Jan '93.
Stuart Watson



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"His stories are wonderfully entertaining"

- Steve McClure, Billboard -


"If like me you have a keen interest in the music industry, you will find this book fascinating. It’s packed with previously untold memories and anecdotes from a global career spanning several decades. Readers are offered privileged access to the real people behind their superstar facades and the events that formed them.The writing style reflects the warmth and affinity Stuart Watson has for his clients as he harnessed their artistic talent and steered their commercial success to realise their goals. It’s an empathy which fostered lasting personal relationships and the reader shares this experience. Once started, hard to put down..
JN, London , England


“Every Picture Has its Story” is a portrait of a man who has spent his life around some of the most famous and interesting faces in modern Music.Seriously funny, sometimes sad, this is the compelling tale of how the author jumped onto and rode through the headiest days of the Music business. From a vantage point inside the workings of the industry, the author gets up close and personal with the artists and the bands that ruled their day.Having all the elements we should expect from a good memoir, the real difference is how the stories told paint very personal pictures bringing new insight into these artists in their prime. Reading “Every Picture Has Its Story” is like spending a day at the pub with the author, holding court as he tells story after story about a life lived to the full. Don't miss it.
D.R. Singapore

Sheer brilliance. A trip down musical lane. A must for any muso. Thank you SW. You have made my week.
Jac New Zealand

A fascinating and detailed look into the international Music industry and how it has developed over the last 40 years. Impressive recall of all the relevant details of top musicians, the events and the management who delivered. Well worth a read.
Trevor California. USA

Received the book yesterday, and have almost finished it. Wow! You were the first westerner to realize the potential of Asia, and wrote your own rule book. Congratulations on a great read.
AM, Toronto, Canada

Great read, lots of fun and an amazing amount of music biz behind the scenes detail. Either Stuart has an amazing memory or is the world’s biggest packrat keeping diaries and notes forever!
PC, California, USA

Plenty of good information and yarns as well as a great read. Congratulations on the whole project. As someone who worked in the music industry from the late 1960's till 2004 it filled in a few gaps in my knowledge and memory. Like, no doubt, many others, I didn't know what I didn't know so a great read for me. Thank you for that. Hopefully it goes as well as it richly deserves.

"His stories are wonderfully entertaining"

- Steve McClure, Billboard -

Personal notes and pictures

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With Freddie Mercury, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney and Wings, Eagles, Michael Jackson, Tom Petty, Kate Bush, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Deep Purple, Backstreet Boys, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Britney Spears, BB King, Justin Timberlake, Mick Jagger and more.

- Stuart Watson -

Stuart Watson - Up close and personal

The man, the music, the career, the encounters...

He witnessed Michael Jackson’s first UK performance in The Jackson 5 and was the first person to hear Bohemian Rhapsody when Freddie Mercury played it to him, on piano, in his London apartment. In the 80’s he risked his life when trying to protect an artist's contract, was introduced to Bob Dylan by friend Tom Petty and, more recently, hosted press conferences for Kim Wilde , Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. Watson was in Hong Kong when it reverted to the Chinese and in East Berlin when The Wall fell. Hanging out with The Eagles in the early 70’s before they became a force, entertaining Lynyrd Skynyrd on the group’s first UK visit (later dealing with an awkward problem following Ronnie’s tragic death) and accompanying Paul McCartney and Wings on its first tour. His stories of Rock ‘n Roll mayhem on Guns ‘n Roses and Deep Purple tours make the mind boggle. He picked up a bill for GBP 5,000 at a London night club after damage caused by an artist he was looking after. From Led Zeppelin to BB King and from The Marquee Club with Yes, to Tokyo’s 50,000 seater Budokan with Bobby Brown, where Whitney Houston threw him out of the dressing room for trying to persuade her husband not to cancel his European tour, he has seen it all. Every Picture has its Story provides you with a rare opportunity for an insider’s view.

As a direct result of his love for live music, Stuart Watson enjoyed a 40 year career in the music business.

This was never planned. Having attended all the big festivals in the late 60's, he started organising his own events at London University establishing Royal Holloway College as an integral part of the UK's live music circuit. The agent who helped him accomplish this went on to join EMI, where the two of them changed the face of artist promotion forever. In recognition of his marketing skills, Watson progressed through the ranks of Harvest and MCA Records' management, becoming the youngest Managing Director in the history of the UK record industry. He then took charge of MCA internationally and, working closely with British and American acts (some of which he signed himself) helped guide the company to new heights.

A passion for and knowledge of Asia's emerging markets led to the set up of SWAT - his own Singapore based consultancy - in the mid 90's where he represented three of the industry's biggest artists. Their huge success triggered his return to the frontline as MD of the Zomba International Record Group – the world's largest independent music company. The rollercoaster ride you are about to embark upon encompasses extensive global travels and describes a close interaction with many of the world's top artists.

Why This Book?

  • A life in music
  • Unique encounters
  • Secrets revealed
  • From past to present

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